Great U-Boat FX Strategy Trades Already In 2016 (+1524 positive pips)

A few months ago, I introduced my Forex SOS Course + U-Boat FX Strategy.  And I have to admit, a lot of people have taken me up on my offer, enrolled and became my students.  (If you have not yet enrolled, check out this 50% discount).

Now, I know not all my students are actively trading the U-Boat FX Strategy.  And that is a shame.  Let me go over a some standout trades already for 2016.  These trades alone have yielded +1524 pips.  As you can see, when the market gives us some nice moves… we can profit from them using the U-Boat FX Strategy.

U-Boat FX Strategy GBPUSD +553 Pip Trade

GBPUSD 12-29-2015 +553

Nice sell trade that started at the end of 2015 and closed on 1/22/2016 for a nice +553 pip gain.

U-Boat FX Strategy EURJPY +394 Pip Trade

EURJPY 12-24-15 +394 pips

Great trade considering we only used a 75 pip stop loss.  Good profits on a trade ending 1/13/2016.

U-Boat FX Strategy USDCAD +322 Pip Trade

USDCAD 1-5-16 +322 pips

We ended up giving some of our profits back to the market at the end of this trade, but still ended up with a nice +322 pips of profit.

U-Boat FX Strategy AUDUSD +255 Pip Trade

AUDUSD 1-6-16 +255 pips

Great profits were made on this trade that lasted about 2 weeks and ended on 1/20/2016.

The U-Boat FX Strategy is very easy to trade and only takes about 10 minutes (or less) a trading day to trade.  It is mechanical and very easy to learn.  And as you can see, when nice moves happen, the strategy picks them up for some nice profits.  This is how to make long term profits trading the Forex market.

I truly believe success as a Forex trader come from more than just using a profitable Forex strategy.  Not only do you need a profitable Forex strategy, but you need the knowledge and skills necessary to trade the strategy perfectly under live market conditions with real money on the line.

This is why I provide the Forex SOS Course first.  This course identifies pitfalls standing in the way of traders, and then provides what I call LIFELINES… trading tweaks that automatically eliminate these pitfalls from your path.  Once the pitfalls are removed… the path to profits is clear.

The U-Boat FX Strategy was designed strategically with these LIFELINES in mind.  As a matter of fact, the strategy is a living, breathing example of what applying the lifelines can do to improve your trading.  In essence, I prove what I teach actually works (as you can plainly see from the trade examples above).

I want as many people as possible to benefit from this training and strategy, so I have created a significant discount off the regular price.  If you like what you see above, and want to learn how to get some of these great trades for yourselves… take advantage of the discount.

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