Metatrader4 is the most popular and most widely available trading platform used for trading Forex.  It is free, and most brokers offer the MT4 option.  I personally use Metatrader4, and the strategies I teach are designed for the MT4 platform.

How To Install Indicators and Templates On Metatrader4

Step 1: Unzip the file
This is very simple.  Most computers these days have the ability to unzip files.  Just “Right Click” on the file and click “Extract All” (or whatever it says on your computer to unzip files).
Step 2: Install Template & Indicators on your MT4 Platform
1. Open your MT4 platform
2. Click “File” and the “Open Data Folder”
3. Double Click “Templates” folder
4. Copy and Paste templatename.tpl file into the folder
5. Hit the Back button
6. Double Click “MQL4” folder
7. Double Click “Indicators” folder
8. Copy and Paste remaining EX4 files into this folder
9. Close the window and shut down your MT4 platform

Step 3:  Setting Up Your Charts
1. Restart your MT4 Platform
2. Open chart and switch to D1 time frame
3. Right Click the chart, choose “Templates” and then choose “templatename”

You should now see all the indicators on your chart.

Repeat this process for all the currency pairs you plan to trade.

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