Why Only Live Forex Trading With Real Money Matters

Many people have correctly identified the Forex market as the go-to market for profits.  And one reason is the accessibility and low barrier for entry for live Forex trading. (Learn Why The Forex Market Is A Utopia For Traders).

The entry barrier for live Forex trading, in terms of the investment capital you need and cost of trading, is a lot lower than other investment markets.  Even traders with small accounts can participate.  This makes the Forex market a realistic and accessible opportunity for just about anyone who wants to grow their money and secure their financial future.

Demo Forex Trading Accounts

The truth is, you don’t need ANY MONEY at all to get started.  Most brokers offer Demo accounts for free.  So, if you are just getting started, you can open a Demo account, download the trading platform to your computer and get started learning the highly profitable skill of trading currency profitably.

WARNING:  Don’t get stuck in Demo trading for too long

A lot of people get stuck trading on a Demo account for way too long.  Some NEVER make the move from demo trading to live Forex trading… and that is a BIG mistake.

Watch this video where I go over why only live Forex trading with real money matters…

The Importance Of Live Forex Trading

As you can see, live Forex trading has advantages over demo trading.  And the truth is, if you are going to make ANY money at all, you are going to have to open a live account and trade live.  Not only is that how you make real money… but it is the way you are going to learn the SKILLS of trading profitably.

Here is the broker we use with a lot of our live trading accounts: IC Markets

Please don’t underestimate the importance of learning to trade a live account.  The stress of trading is magnified when real money is on the line.  And the only way to prepare yourself for this stress, and understand your reaction to it, is to trade a live account with real money.

It is the only way. 

There is no substitute.

And the sooner you move from Demo account to Live account the better.

The good news is, you can start with a low amount of money and build your trading skills and confidence.  The low barrier for entry into the Forex market allows you to start small.  No need to put a lot of money at risk while you are learning.

Get started.

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