What Netflix Can Teach You About Long Term Forex Success

Long term Forex success continues to elude some people. After years of trading and helping other people learn Forex we have learned that the struggle for most people trying to profit in Forex has little to do with the strategy they use. It DOES have a lot to do with they way they approach Forex trading and what there goals are. Interestingly enough, looking at Netflix can give us some insight into the right way to achieve long term Forex success.

Now we are not talking about binge watching TV shows on Netflix. (Although, I have to admit, I watch my fair share of good shows on Netflix).  We ARE talking about looking at Netflix as a business.

We were reading a post about Nextflix on the blog, The Day Tradette. You can check out the blog post here: http://thedaytradette.com/netflix-earnings-how-my-5000-win-cost-me-26000/

Here are some thoughts we had:

Treating Forex Trading Like A Business –
Key To Long Term Forex Success

We always tell people interested in learning Forex they need to treat Forex trading like a business. A business seeks to make more money than it spends. (Spending money as a Forex trader includes the cost of losing trades). And a business measures its success over the long term.

This is important, so let’s repeat it…

  • There are costs associated with trading Forex, just like there are costs involved in running any other business.  And the goal of ANY successful business is to make more money than you spend on running the business.
  • As a business, Forex trading should be looked at as a long term activity.  Don’t make decisions based on short term events that can sabotage your long term Forex success.

OK, back to Netflix…

Let’s look at the Netflix stock over a 5 year period:


All businesses see times of growth, consolidation and drawdown. That’s just how it is, regardless if you are running a Lemonade Stand, Forex business or online movie streaming empire.  You can clearly see this on the graph for Netflix stock.

Now, if we walked up to someone on the street and asked then if they would like to be the owner of Netflix, we would expect them to say “YES… of course”! Netflix is huge and wildly popular… and makes a lot of money. But that does not mean the profits have just been a straight upward line.

Would those same people survived the drawdown and consolidation periods?

Our thoughts are this…

If this was a Forex trading account, most traders would have been extremely happy in the beginning when price was on a stead rise. But then came a considerable drawdown. In our experience, most traders would have abandoned the trading strategy they were using because in their mind it “stopped working”. By doing so they would have missed out on a LOT of profits.

We think one of the struggles running a Forex business and achieving long term Forex success is how easy it is to abandon what you are doing. Compared to building a business like Netflix, it is very easy to quit. Whereas, when you’ve invested so much time and money into a “real” business, it is very hard to give up.

Pushing forward a lot of times is what leads to future profits… as we see here with Netflix.

Take away: Treating Forex as a business means sticking it out even when times are rough.


The FASTEST way to profits is by avoiding or eliminating costly mistakes… and clearing the path to profits!

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Thinking Like An Investor –
Second Key To Long Term Forex Success

Long term Forex success hinges on one very important thing. You must do it for the long term. Only then, if you are trading a strategy with an edge, will you get the profits you deserve. You need to suffer through consolidation and drawdown to let those growth periods put you into profit.

Let’s go back to the blog post we were reading:

Rachel explains how she made $5,308 in 2 weeks when she sold her Netflix stock. Then she goes on to explain how this was a BIG mistake that cost her $26,000 in potential profits.

Here is what she said…

“And that my friends, is why I became a long term investor. Unless you’re a quant genius, the path to riches is paved with investments, not trades. Warren Buffett (an idol of mine) would tell you the same”.

Long term Forex success is not about the results of one trade, or trading day, week or month. It IS about systematically growing wealth over time. Seeing the big picture and trading with an INVESTOR mindset is the true key to long term Forex success.

We hope some light-bulbs have started going off in your heads.

For example:

  • You should treat your Forex trading like a business… and businesses go through periods of growth, consolidation and drawdown, just like we saw with Netflix.
  • True wealth is achieved by focusing on the long term growth… not just making some money on short term trades.

If this makes sense to you, and you want to become an independent, confident, profitable trader using a trading strategy that achieves long term Forex success… please check out our Forex SOS Course.


The FASTEST way to profits is by avoiding or eliminating costly mistakes… and clearing the path to profits!

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As you can see, there are some valuable lessons to be learned by looking at Netflix as a business.

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