Forex Traders: What Can You Learn From Japanese Housewives?

I am convinced that EVERYONE should be Forex traders.  There is no other wealth creating activity that is as accessible and realistic as the Forex Market. 

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But I was surprised to learn that many Japanese housewife are Forex traders. This article in the New York Times was published in 2007: Japanese Housewives Sweat In Secret As Markets Reel.

And it seems from the article that the number of Japanese housewives trading Forex is quite considerable.

Here is a video about Japanese housewife Forex traders:

Here are some things we learned from the article:

— Many Japanese housewife Forex traders trade in secret. Some use their own money, some use their husband’s money and some use a mixture of both. In a lot of cases, the husbands do not even know their wives are trading.

And while I am not advocating keeping secrets from your spouse…
good for them for doing what it takes to get involved!

— The results Japanese housewives get vary from being very successful to losing all their money. The good Japanese housewife traders can make a considerable income as traders. But there are some that don’t protect their money and end up losing everything.

This should really come as no surprise.  There is risk involved with trading the Forex market, just like any other investment venture. 

  • The ones that treat Forex trading as a business, control risk and systematically grow wealth will do quite well.
  • Those that think Forex trading is a get-rich-quick scheme, use high risk and look for unrealistic profits in a short time will fail miserably.

— Japanese Housewives are looking for “higher returns”.

Here is a quote from the article:

“One reason Japan’s homemakers can move markets is that they hold the purse strings of the nation’s $12.5 trillion in household savings. For more than a decade, that money languished in banks here at low interest rates. But as the rapid aging of Japan’s population has brought anxiety about the future, households are starting to move more of it overseas in search of higher returns”.

This really hits on why the Forex market is so attractive.  As it becomes increasingly harder to rely on hard work and saving alone to secure your financial future, many people look to increase their savings by making their money work for them. 

And the Forex Market is the best market to participate in if you want returns that consistently beat other investment methods.

In a lot of cases, the Forex Market is the ONLY realistic market available to small investors.

Why Everyone Should Consider Becoming Forex Traders

We love the initiative of the Japanese housewives. They saw an opportunity to improve their personal finances by building an income separate from their husbands. They also saw a way to improve their financial future by investing in Forex and making much better returns than putting their savings in low interest rate savings accounts.

And the truth is, the Forex market is a much better opportunity for profits than other investment vehicles.

We believe EVERYONE should be investors. We understand a lot of people think investing is only for the wealthy or people with a lot of disposable income. This kind of thinking keeps most people from investing… and they miss out on the tremendous wealth building opportunity the Forex market provides.

So, take the lead from the Japanese housewife traders. Take an active role in building a better financial future. And consider investing in the Forex markets because of its excellent wealth building capabilities.

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Here are a couple of tips to make your entrance into Forex investing as profitable as possible:

  • Unlike some of the Japanese housewife Forex traders, you do not want to put ALL your savings at risk. We mean both using only money you can risk AND using proper money management to protect your capital. With profitable money management… you should never fear of losing all your money.
  • Think of the Forex market as an “investment” opportunity instead of a “money making” opportunity. Aim to build wealth over time rather than make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Aiming for quick profits usually leads to risky trading and money management… which means too much of your hard earned money is at risk.
  • Aim to beat other investment markets. Many people don’t look at Forex as an investment opportunity and therefore develop unrealistic expectations. The truth is, you need to look at the returns of other investment methods to get an idea of the returns you should be looking for.

Don’t be intimidated!

Investing is quickly becoming a NECESSITY, not an option.  If you want to secure your financial future, you must make your money work for you… and there is no better market for profits than the Forex market

Japanese housewives learned this, and now you know too!