Here are Forex trading tools I recommend:

Trader On Chart

This is the Forex trading tool for Metatrader4 I use to place all my trades quickly, accurately and efficiently.


A Virtual Private Server runs its own copy of an operating system and is essentially like having a separate, virtual computer at your disposal.  There are a few important benefits to running your trading business from a VPS:-

  • All your trading activities can be done from one place.
  • You can access your VPS from any computer with a Internet connection.
  • Most importantly:  You can leave your trading platforms connected to the Internet without having to keep your home/office computer on.

Using a VPS to host your trading platforms is more than just an organized way of conducting your trading... it can improve your trading results and increase your profits as well.



Forex Order Manager

The Forex Order Manager is a simple but highly effective Expert Advisor that allows you to automate your trade management. If you want to use advanced trade management features on AUTOPILOT like moving your stop to breakeven, locking in profits or a whole host of other options, this is a great little trading tool.

• The tool is very simple to set up and use. (We don’t want anything too complicated)
• You set the tool up on one chart and it handles ALL trades on all currency pairs. (We only have to set it up once)
• The tool is very accurate and effective. (We have been using the tool on live accounts and it works perfectly)
• The tool is very inexpensive. (It only costs $19.95).

The Forex Order Manager can put your favorite exit strategy on autopilot.


Standout U-Boat FX Strategy Trades

When the Forex market produces BIG moves... the U-Boat FX Strategy catches them!
Click the thumbnails to see some of our best trades over the past few years.

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