Have You Ever Caught A 1000 Pip Forex Move?

I don’t think any Forex trader can deny… catching a 1000 pip Forex move entitles you to some serious bragging rights.

Depending on what type of trader you are (scalper, day trader, swing trader), you are impressed with different pip amounts.  A scalper might be very happy with 10 pips, a day trader with 50 pips and a swing trader with 300 pips.  But being able to catch and profit from a 1000 pip Forex move is something impressive.

Here are a couple of 1000 pip trades caught by the U-Boat FX Strategy:

EURUSD 1000 Pip Move

EURUSD 12-18-14 +1000 pips

Not only did we catch 1000 pips on this trade, but we did so with only a 75 pip stop loss.  That means our profits were OVER 13 TIMES our risk.  How is that for a positive risk to reward ratio?

EURJPY 1000 Pip Move

EURJPY 12-31-14 1000 pips

Here we caught a 1000 pip move.  This time with a 150 pip stop loss.  While not as impressive as the EURUSD trade, that still was more than 6.5 TIMES the risk.

I want to make one thing clear…

A lot of people think impressive pip numbers is a result of the trading strategy they are trading.  And don’t get me wrong, the strategy is important.  But you need the market to give you these moves, in order to catch and profit from them.

So, you need a combination of the Forex market making big moves, and a trading strategy that can catch them and ride them for BIG pip gains.  This is what the U-Boat FX Strategy is designed to do.

One of the best things about trading a strategy like the U-Boat FX Strategy is it takes the pressure off the need to win all the time.  As a matter of fact, we only need to win 50% of the time trading this strategy in order to be highly profitable.  That is the beauty of trading a strategy with a positive risk to reward ratio.

What It Takes To Catch A 1000 Pip Forex Move

  1. The market needs to move.
  2. The strategy you use needs to catch the move. (U-Boat FX Strategy)
  3. The strategy you use needs to keep you in the move until large pip numbers are reached.  (U-Boat FX Strategy)
  4. The trader must have the patience and discipline to trade the strategy according to the rules.

When you boil it all down, successful Forex trading is a combination of
The Market, The Trading Strategy and The Trader.

Now, neither I or anyone else can control the Forex market.  This is why you should concentrate your efforts on the strategy you trade and improving your trading skills so you can trade the strategy as close to perfect as possible under live market conditions when real money is on the line.

This is why I created the Forex SOS Course + U-Boat FX Strategy.  The course helps you understand “WHY” the strategy is designed the way it is, so you can dedicate yourself to trading it according to the rules.  The the strategy is designed to catch the big moves when the market gives them and profit from high pip gains.

By taking the course and adopting the LIFELINES explained within, you are prepared for success.  Then you learn the easy to understand U-Boat FX Strategy so you can participate in the Forex market.  Then all it takes is the application of the strategy and waiting for the market to give you one of those (highly impressive and profitable) 1000 pip Forex moves.

Will you be the next trader to catch one of these 1000 pip moves?  Or, will you sit on the sidelines and watch me and my students profit from the next BIG move?

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